Venetian blinds for new buildings and refurbishments – Your individual daylight control

The individual slats of the venetian blind allow you to steplessly vary the amount of light during the day. So you always have exactly the light mood in the room that you want. A venetian blind pays off, especially on hot days: This solution can reduce solar irradiation by up to 75 %. This significantly reduces the temperature and creates a pleasant room climate.

And as well as protecting against intense heat, a venetian blind stops prying eyes. This means you enjoy both privacy and a light-flooded room.

Weru venetian blinds are available as a flush-fitting solution and for thermally insulating composite systems. They can be installed in the frame of a new building or as part of refurbishment.

Either way, Weru supplies the window with venetian blind as complete window element from a single source. All the components are precisely matched to one another, guaranteeing a high degree of stability, optimum acoustic and thermal insulation and optimised sealing.

The high Weru quality is also evident in operation. Because the slats are made from aluminium, they are extremely corrosion-resistant. For you this means: easy to clean and durable. And for convenient operation, all our systems are fitted with a motor as standard.

The flush-mounted and render venetian blind solution – for optimum heat protection

The flush-mounted and render venetian blind solution can reduce solar irradiation by up to 75 %. This significantly reduces the temperature on hot days and creates a pleasant room climate.

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The special venetian blind solution for TICS (thermal insulation composite system)

The venetian blind system solution, which can be integrated and concealed in the facade, is designed specifically for thermal insulation composite systems (TICS). Allowing the highest thermal and noise protection requirements to be met.

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Range of slats

Design Weru venetian blinds to suit you: with flat slats, beaded slats and darkening slats in various sizes and designs.

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Roller shutter motor and venetian blind motor – for light management at the touch of a button

Enjoy modern light management at the push of a button! The right comfort solution for roller shutters or venetian blinds makes your life easier and allow you to create exactly the light atmosphere you want in your home.

Integrated roller shutter/venetian blind control ServoLift-RTS

PK1-3-3-Rollladenmotor-und-Raffstoremotor-ServoLift-RTS Your enhanced comfort: ServoLift RTS. The visually appealing operator control panel is integrated into the window frame and is available either in white or matt silver. With the optional light sensor, the control panel can detect when the individual roller shutters should open and close. The control system then reacts to bright light by lowering the roller shutter thus protecting your plants and furniture.

Automate the way you manage your light

A roller shutter motor or venetian blind motor means simple light management at the touch of a button. Weru also offers other options to make your life even easier:

Optional timer

Program your roller shutters/venetian blinds to raise and lower daily – either individually or in groups, e. g. entire living room or entire south-facing side. Programs the roller shutters to open and close according to the sunrise and sunset times. So you can go away, but make it look as if you are at home.

Radioline remote control optionally

You can conveniently operate your roller shutter or venetian blind from your armchair via the optional radio remote control. As the system operates wirelessly, cable chases are not generally required. This is of course a big advantage, particularly with refurbishment projects, as there is less mess and dirt involved.

io-homecontrol Internet control option

The io-­homecontrol Internet remote control offers maximum living comfort, security and efficiency, for both existing and new buildings. The io-homecontrol allows you to open or close your roller shutters and venetian blinds via Smartphone, iPad or laptop – wherever you are in the world. You can also query the current position (opened or closed) of your roller shutters and venetian blinds.