Window ventilation – Fresh concepts for fresh air, security and energy-efficiency

Stale air, odours and moisture can be more than just unpleasant for us humans. Over the long term, they can also reduce the value of your living rooms and the building fabric.

Air exchange used to be automatically, as it were, via small gaps and cracks. In times of energy-saving leak-tight construction, we have to assist the necessary exchange of air: by ventilating correctly. No problem with the small or large ventilation aids from Weru.

Leaving the house with the window open – with no security risk whatsoever? Incoming fresh air at 16–17 °C at an outdoor temperature of – 10 °C? Why not. Innovative Weru window technology means nobody has to compromise. Not on thermal protection, on security and certainly not with ventilation.

And don’t make any compromises when it comes to window installation either. This is the only way to make sure that your ventilation aids and systems can be used to optimum effect. Contact your Weru specialist dealer. You can easily find a ventilation expert near you using the specialist dealer search at the top right of this page.

Ventilation aids and regulating ventilators – Let fresh air in

Open the windows – this is certainly the most effective and fastest way to achieve a pleasant living climate in your rooms. Weru can support you here and supplies a range of ventilation aids to ensure a well regulated supply of fresh air:

Multiple gap ventilators

PK3-2-7-1-Mehrfachspaltluefter_2014 This hardware component ensures regulated ventilation. While windows without multiple gap ventilation have a restricted tilt position, the window sash with this component can be tilted open in various stages. Locking the sash at the desired opening width prevents the window from slamming shut.

Slam stop

PK3-2-7-1-Fenster-Lueftung-Lueftungshilfen-Dosierluefter Opening your windows wide for intermittent ventilation while leaving the internal doors open produces a draught. Even in this case, the variable opening width restriction reliably holds the window sash and prevents it from suddenly slamming shut.

Ventilation systems – First-rate climate using manual ventilators or permanent ventilation

With Weru windows, you have perfect control over your fresh air requirements. Even automatically if you want. Additional components ensure regular air exchange in your rooms.
These ventilation devices are particularly suitable for rented apartments. Enough fresh air always enters the apartment through the integrated automatic ventilation system, no matter how the occupant controls the ventilation. This prevents moisture damage, e. g. by mould infestation.

Infinitely variable manual ventilation: Weru fresh ventilators

The fresh air inlet of the Weru Fresh ventilator can be adjusted individually and infinitely via a sliding mechanism. The system can achieve an impressive flow rate of 16 m3/h at 4 Pa. The Weru Fresh ventilator is particularly suitable for single-family dwellings and multi-storey new buildings and refurbishments. A version of this ventilation system with acoustic protection and integrated pollen filter is also available. This means that problem-free ventilation is possible for persons with allergies or residents of streets with heavy traffic.

Weru-Air Comfort

This intelligent ventilation system ensures a constant supply of fresh air whatever the weather. The air from outside flows upwards via recessed seals in the rebate, and enters the room interior pre-heated via the special seal. In strong winds, the seal pushes against the opening gap to restrict the amount of air flowing in. So even in this situation, basic ventilation is guaranteed and draught effects are avoided. At 2.9–3.2 m3/h at 4 Pa, the Weru-Air Comfort system achieves an even higher volume flow than Regel-Air when the seal is open. The ventilation system is not visible from the inside or the outside, even when the window is open. Weru-Air Comfort reaches high acoustic insulation values up to acoustic protection class 4.

Fresh air for your comfort: Permanent ventilation systems

PK3-2-7-2-Fenster-Lueftung-Lueftungssysteme-Regel-Air_2014The Regal-Air ventilation system is a self-regulating system. It is installed in the upper section of the window and can be retrofitted if required. The fresh outside air is fed in from the side via the constricting seal in the window rebate. The air already preheated in normal operation between the sash and the frame rises up into the room via the ventilator below the ceiling. If there is a storm or strong wind, the system remains automatically closed to ensure that no draught effects whatsoever occur. The flow rate of the Regal-Air is 2.1 m3/h at 4 Pa. Additional benefit of the Weru window rebate ventilator: it shuts out noise, the device can achieve high acoustic insulation values up to acoustic protection class 4 (= 42 dB).

Ventilation and security – Safe&Go offers ventilation whenever you want

Thanks to the innovative Safe&Go window hardware, the window can not only be turned and tilted, it can also be moved into a parallel position and parked with a narrow ventilation gap.
The all-round narrow air gap of 6 mm between frame and window sash creates natural, gentle ventilation. Used warm air can escape from the top of the window, while fresh air flows in from below.
This innovative window hardware offers you ventilation and security in one: An operating Safe&Go ventilation system gives the same intrusion protection as a closed window.

Safe&Go ventilation

PK3-2-7-4-Fenster-Lueftung-und-Sicherheit-Safe-and-GoUntil now, if ventilation was required the windows were either tilted or fully opened. The innovative Safe&Go ventilation system allows the window sash to be parked parallel to the window frame at a distance of 6 mm. What makes this feature so special is that the window is locked on all sides in the ventilation position and is rated as closed by the VdS (independent institute in Germany for security and fire protection). This means you can ventilate when you go out shopping, knowing that your home is secure.

Safe&Go Automatic

PK3-2-7-4-Fenster-Lueftung-und-Sicherheit-Safe-and-Go-Automatic.jpgHow can convenient ventilation be made even easier? By combining the new Safe&Go window hardware with a motorised control unit. The window then loses and opens as needed, depending on the room climate or pre-programmed via the timer function. Several windows can be controlled/activated simultaneously at the drive itself or by remote control.

Ventilation with heat recovery – the unique Weru AeroTherm ventilators

Weru AeroTherm – the integrated ventilation system with heat recovery – reconciles two previously conflicting objectives: ventilation and lower heating costs. The Weru AeroTherm ventilator works on the principle of regenerative heat exchange. The ceramic storage material in the profile is at the centre of the air flow produced by an EC motor with axial fan. By means of a reversible air flow, the ceramic absorbs the thermal energy from the extracted room air and returns it to the incoming outside air. It does this with an unprecedented 90 % efficiency.
The Weru AeroTherm ventilator achieves a flow rate of 15 m³/h. It reduces the pollutants present in the air via integrated activated carbon filters and optional pollen filters. The Weru AeroTherm ventilator can be operated via a rocker switch and also extremely conveniently via remote control.

Accolades for the Weru AeroTherm ventilator




The AeroTherm ventilator is this effective

PK3-2-7-3-Fenster-Lueftung-mit-Waermerueckgewinnung-Weru-AeroTherm-Luefter3Just what the incredible temperature efficiency of 90 % means can be shown by a straightforward example calculation. At an outside temperature of  -10 °C and a room temperature of 20 °C, the fresh air heated in the Weru AeroTherm ventilator has a temperature of 17 °C.




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